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Optimize your workflow

If you use as we hope Beatflyer regularly, you can get great benefit from setting up a streamlined process.

Here some things you can do to avoid repetitive tasks:

1. Export your layers with our Photoshop plugin

If you use Photoshop, our plugin can export all your visible layers in a single click.

2. Add layers dropping files

All files that can be added to Beatflyer can also be dropped into the application window. In the case of graphic layers (images and videos) This will create a new layer for each file ordered alphabetically.
You can always reorder the layers after they are added if the order is not how you intended it.

3. Update layers

If you update a graphical layer after it was added to Beatflyer. You can update it either by clicking the replace button on its thumbnail or again dragging the file into the application window (assuming the file name hasn't changed).

4. Save and restore flyers

If you have to create many similar flyers, maybe changing only their size or a layer, but not all during the same session, you can save your effect settings so that you can quickly restore the flyer with all its effects. Read more.

If you need further support, or simply want to ask a question, please post on our user group.